Thursday, March 10, 2016

Test Question

1) How old was Alexander when he became the king of Macedonia?  
- 20
2) Who was Alexander's teacher?  

- Aristotle
3) Where did Alexander conquer? 

- Persia, Egypt and part of Asia
4) What are the impacts of Alexander's conquers?
- he adopted Persian dress and customs- blend western and eastern culture
- included people from Persian and other islands in his army

- spread Greek culture
5) What's the difference between Alexander and Darius in the battlefield?
- Alexander fought with his soldiers and protected them
- Darius just stayed far away and commanded
6) What did Egyptians do when Alexander marched here?
- They welcomed Alexander and titled him pharaoh
7) True or False: Egyptian culture and tradition were reserved after Alexander took over it
- True
8) Where did Alexander die?
- Babylon
9) True or False: Alexander recruited Persian people to be in his army
- True
10) Where is Alexander's tomb now?
- In a museum in England

How did Alexander die? take 11 days to die
No exact answer yet. Might be murdered by his man, died by poison, drunk a lot, or got a fever.

How did Philip die?
He was murdered by his guard, or Alexander

Who killed Darius and why?
His office because he fled from battlefield twice

Who used Alexander's strategies?
Julius Caesar; Napoleon; George Washington; George Patton 

What was the name of Alexander's horse?

Who were Alexander's parents?
Philip II and Olympius

What happened when he was away from home?
His father married another woman and had a child

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