Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Democracy: make decisions by people
Republic: vote for leaders to represent us
Vote for president every 4 years
Vote for senators every 6 years (2 per state, 100 total)
Vote for representatives every 2 years (depend on population, smallest is 2, 438 total)
Patricians: rich and landowner
Plebeians: working class, majority of population
Tribune: elected officials who try to make life better for plebeians (representatives)
Consul (president): one can reject another, one person did not get too much power
Never let one person get too much power again (Tarquin the Proud)
Senate: rich
check balance
Dictator: Julius Caesar - good guy, do not mind having too much power
Legion: army (infantry: century - 80 people)
Punic Wars: Carthage (down to Africa, powerful) three different wars
Rome (huge empire)
Hannibal: pretty young, fight the Rome
Democracy: elect leaders
Aristocracy: riches also have power
Monarchy: have a really powerful person

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