Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Alexander Video

- historians debate for Alexander's death
- his body was missing after he died
- for centuries his body lay on the city of Alexandria
alexanders tomb is one of the archeologist holy grails
- his tomb now is in a museum in England
- his brilliant war techniques are still used for many military colleges today
- his soldiers were so loyal to him
- he fought with his soldiers and knew their names
- over the centuries military commanders still relied on his strategies
George Washington's military strategies owed a lot to Alexander
Napoleon was also influenced by Alexander a lot

- like Alexander he built his power on a series of daring military victories
- he was inspired totally loyalty from his men 
- they both knew their soldiers by names and rewarded them for their bravery on the battlefield
- George S Patton was like Alexander
- he studied his enemies for weaknesses
- he most admired Alexander for the discipline he instilled in his troop
- Alexander created a new trade route and cultural relationships between eastern and western
- he spread Greek culture
- Alexander the Great became the symbol of unbridled ambition
- two and half thousand years later we are still talking about his amazing explosion

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