Saturday, March 5, 2016

Alexander the Great The Man Behind the Legend Continue

- Alexander went to Egypt and was welcome
- gave him title pharaoh and he thought of himself as true living god
- Egyptian culture and tradition were still allowed after taking over
- his mother told him his father was Zeus
- oracle: a psychic, someone that could see the future
- phalanx 16x16
- his strategies were still used today (West Point)
- Darius was murdered by his office because he fled from battle for a second time
- Hindu Kush mountain was one of the most difficult paths to go through
- recruited Persians to be in his army
- wanted his soldiers to marry Persian women in order to merge different cultures
- treated his soldiers badly in the end
- once killed one of them when he was drunk
- died in Babylon probably caused by his soldiers
- Babylon was where he wanted to build his capital

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