Saturday, March 12, 2016

Test Review

Who were Alexander's parents?
- Philip II and Olympius
Who did Alexander think his father was?
- Zeus
How long did Alexander's expedition last?
- 11 years
How long did Alexander role?
- 13 years
Who was Alexander's tutor?
- Aristotle
How old was Alexander when he became the king?
- 20
How old was Alexander when he died?
- 32
Where was Alexander born?
- Pella
What book did Alexander put under his pillow?
- Illiad
Where did Alexander die?
- Babylon
What city did Alexander kill every man?
- Gaza
What was the name of Alexander's horse?
- Bucephalus
What city did it take Alexander 7 months to invade?
- Tyre
What two areas were brought together from the Hellenistic?
- East and West
How long did it take Alexander to quell the first rebellion?
- 2 years

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