Thursday, March 3, 2016

Alexander the Great The Man Behind the Legend

After the golden age of Athens Athenians lost the Peloponnesian War 
→ no longer was a big powerful place

- blend west and east (Hellenistic)
- in 323 BC
- born in Pella in 356 BC
- his father was Philip II (monarchy)
- Philip missed his right eye because of the war
- learnt military training and leadership from his father
- his mother was Olympus who was a powerful women
- his mother always drunk a lot
- he learnt Greek culture from his master Aristotle
- he was away from home 3 years old and went back 16 years old
- during that time his father married another woman and had a new son
- his father wanted his new son to be the next king which made Alexander angry
- In 336 BC his father died (probably he killed his father)
- he became the king at 20 years old

- Greeks under his father's rule rebelled and he killed them
- In 334 BC he left Pella with his soldiers
- he invaded Persia and the king of Persia was Darius III at that time
- he marched to Troy first and then Issus
- he was a military strategic genius
- knew how to do when overnumbered (phalanx 16x16)
- increased morale
After the war Darius fled away
15,000 Persian soldiers were killed in a day during the war
Darius stayed away and watch
Alexander fought with them, he protected them and made them safe
- then he marched to Tyre and occupied there in 7 months
- 7000 people were killed
- then he invaded Gaza and killed all men in city

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