Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Today Mr. Schick got a phone call at the beginning of the class, and then he said he had to leave for a while and asked us to keep quite. I still remembered what happened last semester, but this time I thought we did listen to him and do well. After a while, a man with sunglasses came in. He said he was Mr. Schick's friend Chicago and would sing a song for us later. All of us knew he was Mr. Schick of course, but we did not expose him because it was so funny that pretended to be someone else. And then Chicago showed us the song Rome. I must say that Chicago was really cool and talented, and the song was amazing!!! Then Chicago took off his sunglasses and became Mr. Schick again and showed us some plays of Hamilton which were also pretty cool. We watched these plays until the class finished.
I think these have already been enough for 150 words. By the way I realized that I wrote wrong person for the short answer "how Alexander was influenced by his two role model" on the test. I regret doing that because I thought it might be Achilles not Aristotle while I was taking the test but then I just gave up this idea since I was not sure and more importantly I did not know how to spell his name..... Hope Mr. Schick could give me few points for nearly hundred words I wrote down (though the content probably is not right).

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