Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Test Back

Today Mr. Schick gave us test paper back, but not included mine, because all other students took the test on Monday while I was not here, so I just made up today.
I heard the test was difficult, but actually when I took it, I felt it was really, really difficult, though all questions were multiple choices. I knew most of the questions, and felt not sure with some, and had never seen few of them. Just like "who's the woman Tarquin's son attacked" or "where's the territory of Carthage now", I really had no idea and got them wrong. But luckily I took guess many times and just got these two wrong. Carol told me that we can find all of the answers in PowerPoint, but I thought I had already read every word on each slide and still failed to find them, so where exactly were them? Maybe just be mentioned in class.

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