Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Rome Notes

Who settled Rome
Etruscans → lived in north central part of peninsula
Two foundation myths
1) Virgil's Aeneid (escapes from Troy)
2) the story of Remus and Romulus
Greeks → colonies around Mediterranean Sea
Romans got ideas from Greek and improved
religious beliefs, alphabet, art, military techniques and weapons
Latins → descendant of Indo-European
First settled
Situated trading ships (farthest to Rome)

Luaus Tarquinias Superbus
- he seventh and final king of Rome
- Tarquin the Proud
- True Tyrant

King was replaced by 2 consuls
- elected officials
- term 1 year
- patricians (traced descent from ancestors)
- one can veto the other
↑ reducing the power of individuals
5th century BC patrician dominance of government was challenged by plebs
- plebs was 98% population
- plebs had to serve in army but cannot hold office
- debt slavery
- did not have legal rights

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