Friday, February 12, 2016

Test Review

Important to Know
1) Great civilizations and key rivers
2) 2000 islans in Ionian and Aegean Sea
3) Fertile valleys cover 1/4 of peninsula only 20% is arable
4) Dorian period: 1150-750 BCE
5) Draco, Solon and Cleisthenes
6) Fight: Sparta → infantry; Athens → navy (trireme) and phalanx

A New Form of Government → direct democracy
Cleithenes around 500 BCE: citizens (only1/5 Athenians) could participate → everyone got chance to speak their minds
Ruled by citizens
Rule is based on citizenship (white/black stones) → small enough to do (4/50,000)
Majority rule decides vote

Persian War
Persian vs. Greece: Persian Empire looks big, Persians have a huge army and unlimited resources
Persian disadvantages:
1) long way from home (march)
2) professional army (was paid so fought as job)
2 versions of Pheidippides: 1) Marathon → Athens 2) Marathon → Sparta

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