Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Cyber Day

1. What is the Greek Acropolis?
The Acropolis overlooks the city of Athens. The name Acropolis means "top city", it was the heart of ancient Athens. The Acropolis is a rock formation that rises 400 ft and covers about seven acres.

2. What was the Acropolis used for?
Ancient Athenians would come here to pray, or for protection in times of invasion. 

3. When and why was the Parthenon built?
The Parthenon was built over 2500 years ago as a temple to the Goddess Athena. The Athenians believed she helped the Greeks defeat the Persian Empire.

4. Who ordered the Parthenon to be built?
Pericles, a famous Greek politician.

5. When was the Parthenon constructed?
It started in 447 BC, and took thousands of artisans and craftsmen more than nine years to build.

6. What is the Parthenon made of?
It is made of 30,000 tons of the finest white marble.

7. What do we mean by "Doric-style" construction?
Doric: simple, unadorned style characterized by simple columns.

8. What can be found inside the Parthenon?
A 40 foot statue of Athena.

9. When was the Parthenon damaged, and by whom?
The building was severely damaged in 1687 when the Venetians attacked Athens. After this, the building fell into disuse.

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