Friday, January 22, 2016

Ancient Greece is the World

In the past people spent all days hunting animals and gathering tree fruits to survive
They did not know how to grow food → had shelter instead of home because look around food
Mycenaean: the first time people gathered together and everyone had specific work to do (find food, make shoes, sharp stones, grow, hunt)
All those are based on water → eating (fish), drinking, transportation, cleaning, growing food (great soil)

Great civilization/ Key river
Mesopotamia/ Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
Egypt/ Nile River
India/ Indus River
China/ Huang He River

Mediterranean → Middle earth (freshwater)
People did not travel far away from where they lived
Greece had different governments (they did not care about each other though they were both Greeks)
Important cities and seas: Adriatic Sea (separate Italy and Greece), Athena, Sparte
Peloponnesus: 1400 islands in Adriatic, Ionian, and Aegean Sea → easy to sell stuff by sea transportation

Lack of resources but had something special (other did not have): olive oil → make money
Grow grapes → wine
Healthy diet: olive oil, grapes, grain
Difficult to unite Greeks because of the terrain
Fertile valleys but only 20% were suitable for farming
Great climate: winter 40s summer 80s
Invented Olympics

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